Knowledge Area Definition

Modularization refers to the use of offsite construction (including a segregated area onsite). Modularization includes all work that represents substantial offsite construction and assembly of components and areas of the finished project.

Value Proposition

Modularization entails the large-scale transfer of stick-build construction effort from the jobsite to one or more local or distant fabrication shops/yards in order to exploit one or more strategic advantages. However, the construction industry has been slow to achieve high levels of modularization and has reached a ceiling in terms of the percentage of stick-built work hours being exported offsite. CII research provides a methodology to determine if prefabrication, preassembly, modularization, and off-site fabrication (PPMOF) should be applied to your project, how best to maximize modularization in an industrial application, and how the construction industry can adapt learnings from the shipbuilding industry.

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